day 340 - my charlie brown christmas door $

Maybe it's because I have fond memories of my grandparents listening to it, but usually all it takes to get me in the Christmas spirit is a little bit of the Kenny & Dolly Christmas album. Not this year. In fact I've been the complete opposite. If Kenny Rogers approached me on the street and serenaded me, I would punch him. Yes - I need some Christmas spirit and I need it stat.

At work we are having a door decorating contest. Names were exchanged and the contest is a great success but I was having a hard time finding the time to do the door I had to do. I'm tired, just getting over the flu and it's another item on my to do list.

When I got to work yesterday for the Christmas party, I saw that my door had been decorated. My initial reaction was "Wow. Somebody really doesn't like me." The next day I came back to my office to find Aimee very carefully sticking the bow back on that had fallen off.

Things at work are crazy busy right now as we head into the holidays. There isn't enough time to get the necessary stuff done let alone find time for decorating. Thank you Aimee. I know you are busy and haven't had much free time on your hands. Thank you for my Charlie Brown door. It makes me smile and I'm feeling a lot better about Christmas being just around the corner.


Anonymous said…
Your door is cute and your co-workers must think a lot of you.
Looking forward to spending some family time with you over the holidays!
Cheer up it gets better once you get past the insanity :)