day 182 - canada day $

For the past three years we have woken up on Canada Day to find our street lined with little Canadian flags. One of our very thoughtful neighbours lines the street with them, putting one on either side of each driveway down the entire length of the street. It looks fantastic and very patriotic.

Today I was off for the holiday and Jason was not. Tomorrow I work and he has the day off. So it was just the kids and I today and we were off to my parents' house for their second annual Canada Day party.

First order of business? Face painting. Apparently Mommy can do a not so bad butterfly (except now that I look at this I discover the butterfly doesn't have a head)

but can't do a maple leaf to save her life.

We were right into it by that time, so I let Ava paint my face. She was hilarious. She kept saying "This colour looks GREAT on you!" and giving me the thumbs up. It wasn't half as funny a half an hour after this when I was in the bathroom washing my face and the blue and purple weren't coming off. (It later did.)

From there she painted my sister's face

and suckered my dad into letting her paint his face too. The cost for all of the face painting fun? $1. Thank you dollar store.

Pictures today were a collaborative effort. Some were taken by my mom, some by my dad and sister and the rest were taken by me. There are a pile more but this is just a sampling. Here are Two more randoms from today. Nana with Ava

and Owen crashed on Nana. The boys very rarely fall asleep on anybody. Actually, come to think of it, the boys rarely shut their eyes for more than two seconds during daylight hours these days.


Mari said…
Looks like a great day to me! I love the flags and the face painting is perfect! Tell Ava she did a wonderful job!