day 184 - the tea party $

Today was absolutely fabulous. Ava doesn't get a lot of time to play with little girls. She is always with her brothers and with kids younger than her. So today, Ava hosted a "Fancy Nancy" tea party for eight of her friends. The instructions were simple: come at two, wear your most exquisite ensemble (that's fancy for fancy outfit) and r├ępondez s'il vous plait (that's fancy for let my Mommy know if you can attend).

It was adorable. The girls showed up at the door with their tiaras, feathered boas, sunglasses, clutch purses and carrying little bouquets of flowers from their mother's garden. It was awesome.

The boys made their own contribution to the party by letting the girls use their tractor as a step stool onto the trampoline (or "monkey jump" as the boys call it) which is now setup in our backyard.

And they provided complimentary showers with the sprinkler to cool the girls down (this is Owen).

Other randoms include the beautiful thank you note she got from her thoughtful little cousins

and a very happy little girl hanging out with one of her favourite little friends.


ChrissyW said…
ooooh that is the CUTEST!! looks like a great time! i need a girl!