day 186 - the virus $

After having fevers of 102.2 (O) and 101.7 (E) last night, I stayed home with the kids today. Ethan seemed to bounce back pretty well, but Owen was not well. He was exhausted and fell asleep on the chair for about an hour. When he woke up he had a roseola-like rash all over his body.

Our doctor was on vacation and we don't have a clinic nearby, so Owen and I were off to the hospital.

We were heading into the two hour wait mark and Owen was starting to get miserable. Like a knight in shining armor, the vending machine guy showed up to remove the money and restock the machines. Thank God, because for ten glorious minutes Owen stood two feet from the door trying to see what was going on. Big thanks to the young girl stocking the pop machine because she let the fascinated little boy with the spots help her load the new pop into the machine.

Anyway, no real answer other than it's not roseola. It's a "virus". One that's contagious to other little kids just like roseola. It could be followed by a cold or it could be followed by diarrhea. *Sigh*. Greaaaaaaaat.