day 188 - frying an egg on the sidewalk $

It was still super hot (32 C) when I was on my way home from work today, so I decided that a day like this would the perfect opportunity to teach the kids about science. When I got home from work I got an egg from the fridge and we went outside to fry it on the sidewalk.

At 6:09 we cracked the egg and poured it onto the edge of the street in front of our house.

At 6:10, Owen and I had a little sit down and watched the egg to see what it was up to. Not much was happening.

At 6:11, two boys stomped the hell out of the egg, I was sprayed by the yolk and the experiment was over.

You know what? To hell with science. They can learn all about it when they go to school.

P.S. Just an FYI - to fry an egg directly on the sidewalk, the temperature needs to be 35 C. You can still cook an egg on the sidewalk if the temperature is less than that, you just have to set the egg on a piece of foil. There you go. You learn something new every day.


Mari said…
Nice try! It was close and they had fun anyway.
This had me in stitches. Too funny. I am in FL. Little guy and I will have to try this. :)