day 189 - what next $

Never in my life have I wondered what a DVD player looks like on the inside. Little did I know when I woke up this morning that I would be taking one apart today.

Today was not a good day. It was a long one that started at 6:30 am when Ethan vaulted the baby gate and came into the bedroom to say hi. Fast forward to 4 pm. A DVD we borrowed from the library goes missing in Ava's room after the boys got in there. I searched the kids' bedrooms for two hours and found nothing. Owen told me he hid it in the closet. So I tore apart the closet. Then he told me he hid it in the curtains. Obviously it wasn't there. Ava was sure it was under her bed. A million other things were under there, but no DVD.

Out of desperation I went back to the DVD player which had been confiscated from Ava's room along with the tv and was now in the computer room. As I picked it up, I heard something slide around inside. Nine screws later, I found the DVD.

Seriously. Can we go one day in this house without something happening? I need a break.

Anyway, while the boys were sleeping this afternoon, Ava and I went outside to take a second crack (pun intended) at this whole frying an egg on the sidewalk thing. We went outside into the 32 degree heat with a box of foil, an egg and the iPod stopwatch app. Here we are at 36 seconds.

and here we are at 10 minutes.

It still looked exactly like this almost 3 hours later when it started to rain and I went outside to get it. Forget science. We're bypassing science and going straight to rock appreciation. Stick with what you know.

While we were out there, Ava found one of the few dandelions still on our lawn. She came back to the front path where I was sitting with a big smile on her face. She very politely asked me if I wanted to make a wish or should she. I told her she could.

She blew the seeds into the wind and then asked me if I wanted to know what her wish was. I told her not to tell me because it wouldn't come true. She told me it's okay - I'll whisper it in your ear.

Ava: "I wished for lots more of these flowers."

Oh dear.


Mari said…
Sorry about some parts of your day, but they did make me laugh! I'm surprised the egg didn't cook. I may have to try it here next heat wave! I love Ava's wish!
Anonymous said…
You are blest with a very smart and loveable little girl.
Love Nana