day 192 - marshmallows & spaghetti do go together $

Today was pretty uneventful. Nana came over for a visit with a new book from the library on science experiments. Ava loved it so we started on our first project immediately - a marshmallow and spaghetti structure.

When I was a kid I used to love to draw and my dream was to one day be an architect. Then the high school guidance counselor had the "if your daughter built anything it would immediately crash to the ground" chat with my parents so I switched to marketing.

This is the first thing I have built since that day. ;)

On a completely unrelated note, I have been laughing all day. TSN gets a lot of play in this house. The only time I remotely pay attention is if Sportscentre is on with Jay Onrait. This guy kills me.

Check this out. The full clip I wanted to embed has been pulled from Youtube (damn you MLB), but you can find most of it here. Watch the intro, followed by #1 at 3:06:

I no longer watch baseball so I have no idea who Ichiro is, but it doesn't matter.