day 194 - that's a wrap $

Another day, another recipe. A Pizza Hut Dessert Pizza recipe.




I was inspired by a recent recipe from Picky Palate so I googled the Pizza Hut dessert pizza recipe and made a cross between the two. I lined the pan with cubes of butter and brown sugar from the Picky Palate recipe. Then I stretched the dough (I used frozen dough) on the pan and smeared it with butter (mmmmmm.....). I put it in the oven for about 10 minutes at 375 F while I mixed up the crumbly mixture from the dessert pizza recipe. Then I pulled the pan, loaded the dough with cherry pie filling and the crumbly mixture (oh. my. god.) and put the pizza back in the oven.

Shortly after that the butter was spilling over the pan EVERYWHERE and I thought for sure I had blown it. I checked the recipe and had done everything right, so I stuck with it.

Twenty-five-ish minutes later I glazed the first pieces with the glaze from the Picky Palates recipe, we started stuffing our faces and my oven was self cleaning to get rid of all of the butter lying in the bottom of it. The house smelled like it was burning to the ground but the dessert pizza was delicious.

After dinner it was soccer wrap up party time. The soccer season has been fantastic but I'll admit I am so glad we no longer have to be in chase mode.

Here's #3 for the green team collecting her hardware. It's been such a great experience. Ten weeks ago there is no way she would have gotten up on this podium with 100 people watching. She went up with her hands at the sides of her eyes shy as can be, but she turned and faced everyone and gave me a big smile anyway. I am so proud of her.

And I am so impressed with the soccer league in town. We paid $35 and got so much in return. Ava played for 10 weeks, had freezies supplied after each game, had a pizza party with timbits, and got not only a medallion, but a really big trophy too. Her coach was fantastic and made it so enjoyable that she counted down sleeps week after week in anticipation and has already said she can't wait to play next year. What a worthwhile and positive experience.

(Did I mention we are on vacation this week? No big plans. Just sticking close to home.)


Anonymous said…
With every game Ava grew in confidence.She was a great team player.She was open to playing goalie as well as a field player.
Way to go Ava!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nana and Granddad