day 195 - national ice cream day $

Did you know that today was National Ice Cream Day? The kids had popsicles (are they technically ice cream?) outside after their nap.

Note to self: no popsicles for Scarlett next year as National Ice Cream Day was followed by Scarlett Spews All Over the Lawn Day. Poor Scarlett.

Now that I google this, it is clearly an American observance. Whatever. We went with it anyway. Oh - and in case you were wondering, I did not put the popsicle back in my mouth after Scarlett licked it.

Oh. And Ethan left, Owen right.

Other than that, it was a pretty quiet day. Ava and I played on the trampoline in the afternoon

(photo by Ava)

and I made my first meal ever on the barbecue. Shishkabobs and roasted potatoes.

Oven mitts destroyed during said cooking masterpiece: one. To say it was on fire is an exaggeration but technically it kinda was.

(another photo by Ava)