day 198 - wasaga beach $

Since I was Ava's age, I have been going to my aunt and uncle's cottage in Wasaga Beach. Now the kids love going there as much as I do.

Today we had a great day. It was fun and the weather was beautiful. We got to see a bunch of my family and it was great. Here's me with my cousin G. On my 14th birthday we got a call letting us know my aunt was in labour. I was so excited that he was going to be born on the same day as me. He ended up being born the next day. Anyway, he's so much fun and never once has he made me feel old or brought up the fact that I could be his aunt. A very young aunt that is. ;)

Anyway, on with the pictures. Ethan (left) and Owen (right) on the drive up. A comforting hand holding or a rousing game of pull my finger, I'm not sure:

As you can see, it was a perfect day:

Ethan fell asleep on me wrapped in his towel

and he slept for a long time which left me trying to find stuff to do because I can't sit still. So I drew a picture. Yeah, I know. This shot has been done to death. Cut me some slack.

Other discoveries while he was sleeping? He sleeps with his mouth wide open. Score one for the Castanheiro genes!!! There's a little bit of my grandparents in there somewhere.

Moving on. Ethan this year at the beach and two years ago at the beach:

Owen this year compared to Owen last year:

Ava having fun with Erica on the beach and Ava having fun with Auntie M on the beach two years ago:

A photo Ethan took of me on the beach:

Ethan had a visit with Daddy

and then helped me load the van.

Other randoms include the kids playing (that's Ethan on the right):

and the stroller loaded up for the walk back from the beach. It was a lot fuller on the way back after I inflated a pile of floaty toys. Behold my ingenious water noodle bungy cord which kept everything from flying away in the wind:

The coolest thing I saw but didn't get a picture of? A big deer bounding across the main road in Wasaga as we were walking back. How it didn't get hit I have no idea as there was a pile of traffic.

Here's my last shot for the day. As much as I have admired the quaintness of the Shelburne wind farm, I'm not as excited now that there is a wind farm going in 4 km from my house and we'll be seeing these from our backyard. They have definitely lost their appeal. :(