day 201 - get well soon $

We are very lucky to have fantastic neighbours and live on a street with lots of kids. Ava loves all of them and gets very excited when she sees them outside and gets to play with them. This week one of our neighbours broke her collar bone during a baseball game. Ava was very concerned and wanted to make sure she was okay so we went over just before bedtime to see her.

Ava had to look nice for her friend so she wore her Tinkerbell pjs, a pretty hair band and her rubber boots in case it rained (it was sunny and we were only going across the street). Here she is flower, Timbit box and drawing in hand as she and I left the house. Two minutes later she was able to give her little friend a big hug and felt a lot better.

Get well soon Dannika!!!!


Auntie M said…
Adorable and so thoughtful!