day 209 - the sleepover $

Twenty-one years ago, we moved to the house my parents are in now. We didn't move far, but it was far enough that my sister and I had to change schools. Shortly after I started at the new school I was invited to a sleepover. It wasn't my first sleepover, but it was my first one with the new gang. The sleepover was down the street from our house and there were several girls from my class there.

Not aware of sleepover etiquette and being a complete chicken and not wanting to watch the Freddy Krueger tv show, I was the first to fall asleep. The sweet girl who discreetly handed my frozen underwear back to me in a ziploc bag the following Monday before class? The mother of the little girl on the right. Little did I know she would end up being my best friend and that twenty years later our daughters would be having a sleepover of their own.

Tonight is Ava's first official sleepover. She has slept over at both of her grandparents' houses before, but this was the first time she has stayed overnight at a friend's house. She was incredibly excited and was bouncing off the walls all morning. She was even more excited when she got there and discovered that her little friend L has a new kitten.

Judging from the fact that some begging had to be done to get her to stop playing and say goodnight to us when we called, I think Ava's enjoying herself. I also have the sneaking suspicion she's going to be asking us for a kitten when she gets home tomorrow.


Amy Lightfoot said…
I have a kitten for you if you want one. ITs Free! Totally house raised, and litter box trained. My sister's boyfriend's cat had kittens the beginning of June. Panda is so awesome...if I didn't have 2 cats already I would take him.
Mari said…
The girls and the kitten are both so cute! I'm sure she had fun!
Anonymous said…
what a cute little kitty, maybe Ava needs one for christmas this year :)