day 211 - disc golf $

I was a tomboy in my younger days. I played baseball for a while. I couldn't bat worth a damn but I could throw you out at third base from mid-centre field. If I got on base, it was pretty much a given that I was stealing second and the chances of you catching me were slim. Then school got harder, I started working multiple part time jobs and I just didn't have time for it anymore. So around the time I turned 17, I decided that was it and focused on school and working.

With all of that being said, I still enjoy the occasional sport. It just has to be the right one and it has to be for fun. And that was exactly what we did today. Our office closed for the afternoon and we went to the university to play disc golf.

What it was I had no idea, but I was up for it and I was going to BRING IT. So we all brought our various levels of athletic prowess, Aimee wore some absolutely adorable shoes,

I brought my pasty legs

and Donna brought her bag o'smokes. ;)

Now some of you may be asking yourself: what in the hell is disc golf? Well, it's golf that you play with a frisbee. Each person gets three frisbees and they each have a different use. My orange one was my driver for long distances, the yellow was for mid range shots and my red one was a putter.

The holes are all marked like on a golf course and there are expert and beginner areas where you (for lack of a better word) tee off. The object? Aim for the wire basket and keep throwing at it until you get it in.

The final result? Second on my team and pretty average from the looks of the other score cards. Not bad. Not bad at all. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

Because afterall, who wants to work on a beautiful day like this?