day 213 - swimming $

We got to go swimming today in Aunt Barb and Uncle John's pool. The kids had a great time and judging from the boys' non-swimming diapers they wore, we took several inches of water home with us (sorry). This is Ethan with me (photo by Grandpa),

Owen with his hooded monkey towel and Ava and I with our matching pedicures I did this morning. You know, my feet have appeared in many a photo for my 365 projects. Big thanks to my parents for not giving me hobbit feet.

Now where would today's post be without a story?

After dinner tonight Grandma and I played Uno with Ava. Ava has played it a few times and is really enjoying it. Anyway, during the first game, I called "Uno" and promptly went out. Ava sat back in her chair and blurted out "Oh piss!".

*Sigh.* Why do things like this always come out in front of the grandparents?

(Oh and for the record, "Oh piss" is not one of my phrases of choice so have no idea where she picked this gem up from.)