day 216 - summer reading club $

One month ago the kids signed up for the Summer Reading Club at the library. Some nights they jump on the bed get in trouble and don't get a story, and some nights they behave and get totally caught up in the books. This works especially well on nights where the book includes words like dig and tractor. This picture is of their reading logs and the boys' favourite book series - the Truck Town books. They love them and I like them because not only are they short - they don't throw Spanish or Japanese words at me that I don't have a clue how to pronounce (damn you Dora the Explorer and Ni Hao Kai Lan).

Since the first week of July, the kids have collectively read 50 books.

Okay, seriously. Who are we kidding here? Somebody in this house has good reading skills, and it's not them. Since the first week of July, I have read 50 books. ;)


Darla said…
i love the memory of reading my kids library books. there comes a time when it just doesnt happen anymore and the memory is so sweet. :) enjoy!
Jenn said…
50 books? Big whoop! It's just fates way of making up for all the ones you didn't read in high school. That's right, ADHS staff, if you are reading this, let it be known you still gave her A's and she didn't read one damn book in 5 years!