day 217 - old dog, new trick $

Long before the crazy kids showed up we had the crazy dog. The dog who had an appetite for birth control blister packs (that's a long story in itself) and twenty dollar bills. The dog who given the chance would bound out the door and make a run for it. Many a neighbour has helped us chase her down and bring her back home over the years.

Now at almost eight years old she's mellowed a bit. She doesn't run as far when she gets out and we've even gotten to the point where we can take her outside with us without a leash or tie out. Her favourite place to lie down? In the shade under the trampoline. She can stay out of the sun and keep close tabs on the kids.

I had no idea what I was going to take a picture of today and then Ava begged me to put on Marley & Me so she could watch it with her brothers. Needless to say a huge sob fest ensued and Scarlett became the subject of the day.


Sujomi said…
You mean I have 4 more years before my dog mellows out? Oy!

And why am I thinking there is a connection between the appetite for the birth controk blister packs and the subsequent arrival of the children? LOL

I like the perspective of the top photo a bunch.
Jennifer said…
Bahahaha - yep the pill thing happened several years before the kids. And it turned out she hadn't eaten it. She only ate the cardboard box. She stashed the blister pack and when I made a big deal and was convinced she was dying she lay in my lap playing it up while I was on the phone with the vet and poison control. Then an hour later she trots by me with the blister pack untouched in her mouth.

The vet joked around and said I should have saved the money on getting her fixed. I was not impressed. ;)

And yep - the promises of "your dog will calm down at 2" were all lies. More like six-ish. ;)