day 218 - don't 'hey baby' me $

Today was a frustrating day. If you didn't know me well you probably wouldn't notice because when I'm in a bad mood I don't get bitchy - I get quiet. And I need junk food. LOTS of it. As a result, I was on that Bulk Barn today like a fat kid on a Smartie. I hit all of the main food groups: the sweet, the salty, the sour and the chocotastic.

Thanks Kez for coming with me. :)

The junk food helped a bit until I discovered that the city of Guelph now has my detour route under construction. Colour me not impressed.

Luckily, by the time I got home I started to feel better. My parents were already at the house and had brought a homemade dinner with them (thanks Mom & Dad). I also got to go for a run and that improved things a bit more (Wow. Never thought I'd ever say that.).

As I ran up the main street, some guy said 'hey baby' to me as I ran past him. He's lucky I wasn't in the mood I was in a few hours earlier as I was sitting bumper to bumper in a construction zone or I would have punched him right in the bread basket.

Please note - even when I am in a bad mood I am still all talk. I would never punch anybody in the bread basket. But I could very convincingly tell you I would have after the fact. LOL