day 220 - does this spandex make my ass look big $

When I was in high school I hated running. When our phys ed teacher made us run the block, I would run around the corner to my friend's house and jump the fence. Then I'd run across the football field and back around the corner to the school. I had no use for it whatsoever. Then I had kids and running started to look really good. LOL (Just kidding...well, kind of.)

I thought it might be a bit soon but after some encouragement from Maggie, I ran my first race today. It was a 2 km fun run and although shorter than my usual route, it was the first time I would be running that far (hopefully) non-stop.

And I did it. I ran that track with the speed and grace of Ben Johnson Carl Lewis Phoebe Buffay and I ran the whole thing. Sure I was in the 14-97 age group. Almost everybody in the front half of my age group beat me and the latter half was dead. ;)

I spend 3/4 of the race trailing a 6-ish year old kid. I was happy running behind him and his (I am assuming) older brother. And then this song came on, so I sped up. He looked over his shoulder and he sped up. We went back and forth like this a couple of times. At one point I remember thinking "Dude. The kid is six. Let it go." But for all I knew, his grandfather was coming up behind me. ;)

I took off and passed him and ended up finishing 5th in my age group in 13:34. Sure I was 19th out of 25 but who cares. I did it with only three weeks of training and I didn't come in last. It's an even bigger accomplishment when you consider that this same race took place one year ago today after "girls' night". Maggie ran 8 km that day and I did this. See what I mean?

Last night I realized how much Ava listens to me and takes everything in. I hadn't mentioned the race to her but she must have overheard me mentioning it because last night she came into my room to talk to me. She asked me if she could come to my race because "she knew I would do awesome". So at that point we gained a very cute cheering squad.

Apparently Ava was not happy when she saw the leader approach the finish line and said something like "HEY! My mom is 'upposed to win this race!" Poor Ava. Her mom was five minutes back battling a kid wearing velcro shoes who lost one early in the race, had to stop, put it back on and was still kicking her ass.

The best part of the entire day:

As horrified as I am by the obvious farmer tan on my arm, is that a muscle I see? Huh. So there you go - you got not only a story but a free ticket to a gun show. LOL


Mari said…
You go girl! I'm impressed. I do like your cheering squad too!
Flohbock said…
Wow... great! and wonderful impressionen!
Anonymous said…
What a great accomplishment Jen!