day 221 - well it's about damn time $

For 19 years I have watched Days of Our Lives. I really wonder why sometimes because it's absolutely ridiculous. Does the director honestly think I don't notice that everybody in the town of Salem uses the same cell phone? Am I not supposed to notice how obvious it is that every man in Salem is splitting one giant bottle of black hair dye? Could Rafe Hernandez's eyebrows get any bushier? Why is it that a plane crashes in the woods, Mr. Brady dies and one by one each couple gets it on with his dead body lying meters away? Seriously, people.

Oh sure there have been times where it's been so ridiculous it's been entertaining. What's even funnier is that this was considered believable at the time because the really "out there" show was Passions. One of their main characters was a talking ventriloquist dummy.

But...even I have standards, so the second Short Bus Austin and Greta vonYawnberg went down the Garden of Eden path I stopped watching the show for a while.

Then recently there have been some moments where I have wondered if I was hallucinating. Could I really be seeing what I was seeing? (Do me a favour - watch this clip because it is so stupid you don't have to watch the show to find it absolutely ridiculous.)

Anyway, to make a long story even longer, the only reason I currently watch the show is to watch the EJ and Sami storyline. Infuriating? Yes. Painstakingly slow? Yes. But worth it? Definitely. Today they got engaged. I was surprised as I didn't figure this would happen in my lifetime let alone while I still have truck straps holding the tv cabinet closed. ;)

Sure EJ orchestrated the kidnapping of their child and told her their baby was dead and sure she is going to find this whole thing out...but big picture people. Big picture. ;)


Rochelle said…
{insert big smile from me}

It's taken a really long time, but I think we're getting somewhere!

Cindy said…
Oh Jen reading this just makes me miss you so much. My EJami journey is littered with fond memories of your commentary making me laugh 'til I cried.

Yes it has been a long road but I think we are getting to the good stuff at long last.