day 222 - congratulations $

A few weeks ago my sister and her husband bought their first house. I was lucky enough to get a tour of it tonight after work and it's absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Mel & Craig!

Eight years ago today, I got married on the same day as my parents' next door neighbour. Every year they never forget our anniversary. This year was no exception. They called last night and left the cutest message on our answering machine.

Jason: " Uh oh. Is that today?"
Me: "No. It's tomorrow. I'll make you a deal. You don't buy anything for me and I won't buy anything for you."
Jason: "Deal."

That's how we roll. ;)


Melissa said…
Thanks Jenny! It was great that you could come! Thanks for taking the pic, too! Can't wait til we move in and can have you guys over!

Love you!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Mel and Craig! That is exciting :)