day 223 - cooling off $

Story hour at the library came to an end today, much to Ava's disappointment. She has loved every minute of it and had a great time. Here's Ava with Miss Naomi after today's class where they learned all about sloths.

The afternoon was crazy and it was really hot outside. Ava and I spent a bit of time working in the garden where I got carried away and trimmed the living hell out of my spireas (oops). After the boys' nap we went outside to play. My uncle had suggested something a few weeks ago so we decided to try it. I set the sprinkler under the trampoline so it would spray up and cool the kids off while they were jumping. Ava and Ethan loved it. Owen, not so much until later in the evening when he went on it fully clothed in his pjs. Then he loved it and got soaked.

Other than that not a whole lot happened today. One thing that has not changed with the passage of time? I still hate markers with the fire of a thousand suns.

(This is Ethan.)