day 224 - twenty-six sleeps $

It's unbelievable to me, but in twenty-six sleeps my little Ava goes to school. She's ready for it too. She practices her letters non-stop and has been helping me make my grocery lists. I tell her the words and letters and she makes the list.

Tonight the kids and I went outside to play after dinner and I explained how tonight we'd see a crescent moon and if we looked really hard we might see Venus, Mars and Saturn (we didn't see squat unfortunately). I told her they were planets and she asked me if they were the things that have rings around them and was telling me all about martians. I was surprised because I didn't know she knew these things. So yes, definitely ready for school.

Here are some more random pictures of my little Ava who wouldn't sing the Franklin theme song for me today because she only sings it on Mondays and Fridays. The same little girl who said the following to me before she went to bed tonight:

Ava: "Mommy? How come you didn't win your race? Did you go the wrong way? Did you get lost?"

Here's a shot she took of herself:

And here she is just before she came in. I had just put the boys to bed and when I came downstairs I looked outside to see Ava sitting on the lawn in her pajamas with Scarlett watching Daddy cut the grass.


Melissa said…
Precious little munchkins you have Jen! Can't wait for Ava to come to school. Wow! Time flies! As you say though, she's ready for it. She is like a little sponge!
Mari said…
Your little Ava is a smarty! She will love school!