day 226 - riding the pole $

Two weeks from today we are hosting a big party at our house. There's lots to do to get the house ready, so it was a busy day. A patio was finished at the side of the house, the gardens were weeded, new plants were purchased and planted and I roamed the yard with a bucket of stain.

Ava entertained me while I painted. She's been getting knock knock joke books from the library and she and her little friend L have been telling each other knock knock jokes so I asked her to tell me some while I worked.

Ava: "Knock knock."
Me: "Who's there?"
Ava: "Banana."
Me: "Banana who?"
Ava: "Didn't you think you were glad I didn't say orange?"

Note to self: teach Ava about punchlines.

Overheard while Ava was bouncing on the trampoline and I was staining the picnic table in the backyard:

Ava: "Hey Paige!!! Come over and play with us! I just got peppermint gum stuck in my hair!!!"
Me: *sigh*

Then I moved to the back of the yard to stain the kids' playset. The sun was setting and the neighbours were all outside enjoying the last moments of daylight. Suddenly Ava screams:

Ava: "HEY MOM!!! Do you know how to ride the pole?!"
Me: "Excuse me?!"

I looked over and she was on the trampoline. The trampoline has four poles that hold the safety net. She was on the other side of the safety net holding on to one of the poles.

Ava: "The pole!!! See? You wrap your leg like this and swing around it!"

For the record, I have never swung around any kind of pole, trampoline or otherwise. ;)


Sharon said…
LMAO Jen......You know with little kids there are NO more SECRETS....HAHA....wait....she was playing with Evan.....NOOO he didn't teach her that, he wouldn't let Brent's secrets out....LMAO!!!!
Anonymous said…
Haha that is awesome :) Sara