day 227 - the roof is on fire $

The work around the outside of the house rolled on today. Lots of power washing and gardening. But first we made a trip to Costco.

The kids aren't bad in the car but keeping them all happy can be a challenge at times. All three of them have slightly different musical tastes and they never agree on one song. They each have their favourites and aren't interested in hearing anything other than them. So this morning while I waited in the van with them at Tim Hortons I had to work overtime to keep them happy.

Ethan and I played peek-a-boo for a bit.

Then I tried to convince them that the roof, the roof, the roof was on fire. You can tell from the look on Ava's face that it wasn't working.

At that point I cranked the music and tried to convince them that Mommy's new favourite song is awesome and they should all like it. It worked.

Then we were off. The kids argued over the music. Two of them wanted Ke$ha, one wanted Black Eyed Peas. One wanted Enrique, two wanted Black Eyed Peas. At one point Ava drew a pretty awesome pirate

and three kids squealed as we zipped down the Bethel Road (that's Owen on the right) which is very hilly and not for people who easily get car sick.

Costco remains one of the only places where we can fit everybody in one cart. It's funny. We did the same thing on our holidays last year. On the one hand so much as changed. The boys are taller and are up a size in diapers. On the other hand, a lot has stayed the same as just like a year ago we bought diapers, shampoo and honey nut cheerios (among other stuff).

From there we went to McDonalds.

While I was in line I laughed to myself thinking about a video clip I saw earlier this week. Did you see the lady in Ohio with "chicken mcnugget rage"? I watched the clip at work earlier this week and found it disturbing yet entertaining. Then we watched it a second time, filling in the dialogue and giving each person a different voice. I highly recommend giving it a try: "I'm sorry ma'am. We're serving breakfast right now. Could I interest you in an egg mcmuffin?" "Give me my nuggets *****! Don't make me come in there!" By the time Webster busted in to shut the window I was almost crying I was laughing so hard.


Mari said…
I love the shots of the kids in the back - such great expressions on their faces.
I hadn't heard about that woman, but she was crazy! I wish there was sound on that clip. :)