day 229 - out for a drive $

To recharge a bit and get some stuff done, we often take the boys to our babysitter's house a couple of days during the weeks we are on vacation. It gives us a chance to put the house back together and do some running around. Today was one of those days.

Our babysitter lives in the country and a ten minute drive from our house. It was such a beautiful day with nice blue skies and big white clouds and it seemed like every farmer was out in the fields baling. Here's Scarlett on her way to pick up her boys.

There's nothing like the wind sailing through your cheeks---wait a minute. That didn't sound very good. There's nothing like the wind sailing through your cheeks jowls at 90 km/hr.

Much better.

By day's end a whole pile of stuff got done and Ava helped us with quite a bit of it. A patio was completed, the deck was power washed, shopping was done, planters were filled and weeding was done. It was a good day.


Anonymous said…
The new patio looks amazing!
Can't wait to see all of your hardwork.
Love Mom