day 234 - the photographer $

I got my first camera when I was about ten years old. It was my parents' camera that they took on their honeymoon. It was a Kodak camera that took square pictures and used flash bulbs. It looked just like this and I took a lot of pictures with it. I would mail the film away and get it developed and then the prints would be mailed back to me.

Wait a minute -- that was the equivalent of an "I walked five miles to school and back" story, wasn't it? Sorry.

Where was I?

Oh right - Ava's new camera with built in flash that takes rectangular pictures. She LOVES it.

Another thing she loved this weekend? Giving people nicknames. Yesterday she turned to me in the car and said "What do you want to listen to, Hopscotch?" Ahhh...she makes me laugh.

Here are some pictures she took today. I love how you can see the reflection of her camera in my lens.

Here's her photo of the day. She's obsessed with self portraits and they have to be silly ones (I think there's a bit of concentration in there too).


Mari said…
I had the same first camera as you. Looking at it brought back such memories!
I bet Ava will be taking some great shots!
Melissa said…
I love, love, love these pics, Jen! What a little ham - always ready to make someone laugh! Have fun clicking away with the cameras!
Sujomi said…
Hey now, I had to do the same things with my first're making me feel old! LOL. I love seeing pictures that kids take, their perspective is always wonderful.