day 235 - work retreat $

My schedule never changes. I work nine to five thirty on the days I work and I am always home at night. Jason works shifts and the kids are used to him being gone while they are sleeping but it's a very rare thing for me to spend a night away from home let alone two of them.

Today I left for two days for a work retreat with my department. (I'm not one for making "Hey! I'm going away for two days. Come rob my house!" Facebook status updates, so I am typing this after the fact.)

Each of the kids dealt with it in their own way. Ava drew me a picture of a house. The house had a window and she was peaking out of it so I would remember to come home. Owen cried his eyes out and didn't want me to leave and Ethan unscrewed the valve stems on my tires as I packed the car. I blame Toyota for that one. Because the tires are filled with nitrogen instead of air, the valve stems are bright green instead of black. They might as well have made them fluorescent pink with neon flashing lights.

Here are the kids with the babysitter and her kids as I left for Blue Mountain.