day 236 - zip lining $

Today was an awesome day on our work retreat. This was the view from our chalet at the base of Blue Mountain. This is as mountainous as southwestern Ontario gets but it is still beautiful.

After breakfast we were off to our team building exercises. Shortly after arriving at the eco-tour adventure place, we were suited up with our equipment. Nothing's more depressing than them loading you up with ten pounds of hooks, ropes and harnesses and having them weigh you afterward. It didn't help that I also had a bag with two cameras, my wallet, GPS and iPod strapped to my back.

It was a little bit upsetting to see the same list posted for everyone to see at the top of the second zip line. I know what you are thinking - what's she complaining about? She doesn't weigh that much. Think of it this way - take your weight, add 15 lbs, write it in big numbers on a sheet of paper and post it on a wall in front of 12 other people and see how you feel. ;) make a long story even longer, here are the other pictures I took today. Here's the official zip line chastity belt. A picture of my face would have been better as I wondered what the hell this thing was for. I later discovered it was the hook that was going to slide me to my death on the little zip line.

Apparently it's rated for 3,000 lbs.

First stop on the eco-tour? The suspension bridge.

The view of Georgian Bay was beautiful.

Next stop? A tree-top walk across a 600 m series of planks 20 to 55 feet off the ground. It was very cool.

Next stop: the scenic caves. I don't care what the guide said - I'd need a lot more than a butt groove on the right hand side to squeeze through this opening. This is obviously a B-cup and under attraction.

Next stop: the 350 foot zip line followed by the 1,000 foot zip line. Scary but a little less so when you realize that there is a little bit of tension in the rope before you jump. Far better in my opinion than suddenly finding it after a free fall.

At this point I am starting to wonder what the hell good a 3,000 lb hook is going to be. Who tied my ropes and were they drinking at the time were becoming far more important questions on my mind.

And last but not least, what good is risking your life if you don't have the proof to back it up:

Overall it was a fantastic day and so much fun. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.


Melissa said…
Yikes! Are you absolutely CRAZY? Whatever you do, don't show this video to the boys til they're 30! You'll give them ideas! :) Way to go Jen!
Anonymous said…
I love your story.