day 237 - heading home $

The out of the office portion of our work retreat wrapped up today. We packed up early and moved out of the chalet, ending two great days of team building. Two days of chasing a local skunk and trying to get a picture of it for the people who had never had the "skunk experience" before. Two days of trying to identify the fungus that was growing in the hot tub. But most importantly, two days of fun getting to know people you have spoken with on the phone for many years but have never met in person. What a great experience.

Entertaining pictures missed today? Me almost filling the car with diesel at the gas station. Oh and let's not forget me popping the trunk when I meant to pop the gas flap and then forgetting to close it before I drove across the street to Tim Hortons. Why is it that the second I have to drive somebody I don't know well anywhere I turn into a bumbling idiot?

Anyway, the highlight of my day and the other picture I did get today? Making it home in time to have spaghetti with three little kids who were all very happy to see me. Actually - now that I think about it, only one of the kids was happy to see me. Ethan jumped into my lap and the other two ignored me.

(This is Owen by the way.)