day 240 - summer barbecue $

Today we hosted my company's summer barbecue barbeque (kinda torn on which one to hell with it I am using this one) barbecue. It was a fun time and nice to be able to finally have my work people come to the fictional soap opera town where everybody knows everybody's business and the stories are so unbelievable that I often take the newspaper in to back them up. Some are definitely more entertaining than others and given the right amount of drinks, I could put on my storytelling hat and put on one hell of a show. Just ask my neighbours about last year's summer bbq for the street. Either I was an absolute scream or I made a complete ass of myself because they tried to ply me with drinks the second I arrived at this year's bbq. No show this year peeps.

Anyway, where was I? Family barbecue.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and a scorcher but the new patio worked out incredibly well and it was really nicely shaded from the sun. The adults had a good time

and so did the kids. Here's Ethan upon completion of the "eat all of the worms (gummy) in the dirt (oreo crumbs)" game.

And here's Ava who picked out her outfit for the party two weeks ago and pretty dress or no pretty dress she was hell bent on keeping up with the older boys playing in the sprinkler.

After everybody left, we had a campfire in the backyard with Nana & Grandad (that's Ethan in this picture).

I had spider dogs on the brain and scarfed four of these bad boys. Watch out scale. It's going to be bad news tomorrow.

My kids very rarely fall asleep in somebody's arms. They go like crazy and don't stop. Naptime is frustrating and bedtime is always a disaster with them vaulting the gate a million times to give another kiss or to hide under Ava's bed. If they fall asleep on you, you know they are absolutely beat.

There's nothing like sitting around a campfire and having one of your kids fall asleep in your arms. Here's Ethan cuddled up my lap.

There's also nothing like inviting your parents over for a campfire, getting all nice and toasty by the fire in your hoody and trackpants and falling asleep, leaving them to chat amongst themselves. Sorry Mom and Dad.