day 241 - spider-man & the incredible hulk $

This morning three little kids (apparently still wiped from the night before) scoured over the Sears Wish Book after breakfast. A bold move considering Santa's been watching them very carefully lately and it's been one hell of a mixed bag.

The kids looked at the pictures and Ava circled everything that looked good. and when I say "everything", I mean everything. Santa's going to need to get a second job.

Yesterday I promised three little kids that I would paint their faces for the party but things got busy and I forgot. I made good on that promise today.

It's apparent that mommy's face painting skills, although improved, still need a lot of work. Titter amongst yourselves as I give you the Incredible Hulk (Owen), a beautiful butterfly and Spider-man (Ethan).

A valiant effort, however I think just a pencil thin mustache would have achieved the whole "less is more" thing.

However the scary Hulk face Owen worked on all afternoon would have been totally unnecessary and wouldn't have gone with a mustache.

It was a nice day that ended with a trip to Grandma & Grandpa's house and a trip through the drive thru on the way home. And what day would be complete without a story?

Here's my daughter who, as the young man with the long shaggy hair passed my tea through the window at Tim Hortons, screamed "Mommy! Is that a girl or a guy?!" In that moment I realized - there is a little bit of my 92 year old grandmother in her somewhere.


Rochelle said…
Wow! I think Santa's second job could be a face painter. I love reading your posts each day, and I seriously believe that your photography skills have gotten even better, which makes no sense since I thought they were awesome to begin with.

Jennifer said…
Thanks Rochelle! You are so sweet. This means everything to me. Hope you are well. Miss you!

Jen xo