day 244 - the crazy lady in the wonder woman t-shirt $

If Ethan sleeps, everybody sleeps. It's not that he's loud. He's the exact opposite. He's sneaky and he gets into stuff. Him being loud would actually be a welcomed change because from about six in the morning I am lying in bed, somewhat awake, listening like a hawk for any sign that he's awake.

Here he is at naptime, curled up on the floor under the bed. It took two hours of lying in the boys' room and hounding them to go to sleep to make this happen.

Turns out he was recharging for after dinner because I was about to get a run for my money. And yes, there are stories. Ones that maybe one day I will laugh about.

Today is not that day.

While cleaning up from dinner, I didn't realize that A. the salt and pepper containers were still on the table and that B. Ethan was a little too quiet. It turns out that while I was giving Owen trouble for being bad, Ethan was pouring the salt into the pepper container. I ended up taking them away and putting them on the counter and continued cleaning up. When I went back to it, I was lazy and didn't feel like scooping the salt out. It was a huge thing of pepper and there wasn't much salt in the container so I decided to mix it by shaking it. That method would have worked had the pepper lid been closed. I am sure you can imagine what happened next.

So...not the kids' fault but they got the ball rolling.

Then a few minutes later, I asked Ava to put the dog out on her chain. When the dog came in, Ava disappeared onto the deck. Then Ethan. Then Owen. Then the dog went right out the open door and took off with all three kids chasing her around the side of the garage. I ran through the house and out the garage to see the four of them chasing one another down the street. Some guy parked on the neighbour's driveway tried to get the dog but she got away when she saw all of us chasing her. I can only imagine what he was thinking as one by one three kids and a dog streaked by, being chased by a crazy screaming woman wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt and dragging a leash behind her.

I am SO glad this day is over.