day 246 - filling up $

I hate filling up my gas tank. It one of the easiest things I can do in a day but it's a pain and I don't have time for it. I will run my gas tank as low as I can before I will fill it. Tonight I filled up. Sure I could have let it drop lower. It's nothing for me to let it drop to only a few km to go on my tank secure in the knowledge that I have a CAA card and if they won't come and get me, my dad will. :)

I must be getting soft though because I didn't let it drop that far tonight. Surely Toyota must have built in a bigger buffer though. Does a range of 0 really mean empty or is there a few km to spare? I gotta wonder, when a tire light stares at you every day when nothing is wrong with your tires. You know what else makes sense? Shutting off that light when you service the car and say "There's nothing wrong with your tires. Those tire pressure lights are very inaccurate." Sigh.