day 247 - shop til you drop $

Today was a very busy and expensive day "back-to-school-for-the-first-time-shopping". It brought back a lot of memories of shopping with my mom and sister for all of our back to school stuff. Gone are the days of Bi-Way though. Enter the days of Old Navy, H&M and Walmart.

But...everything is relative though so back to school still costs mucho dineiro. I can't imagine how much it's going to cost when we have to do it for three kids, two of which will be burning out knees on their jeans faster than you can say grass stain.

The most exciting purchase of the day? LEGWARMERS!!! Woohoo!!! Two pair, one pink and the other dark grey. Later in the day I would discover shrinky dinks (they do them in the microwave now) at Chapters and came close to buying them when I had to remind myself that this is Ava's childhood, not mine.

A must after every back to school shopping excursion? Fashion show, baby. Ava modeled everything for Nana & I while I took pictures and organized her outfits in little piles so we can streamline the dressing a bit.

It was a great day all around. Expensive, but great. One little girl got all set for school and three excited little kids got new books from Chapters from Nana & Grandad (Ethan left, Owen right).