day 248 - the meat sweats $

It all started with a man, a dream and a staple gun.

Today we were invited to Chateau Hasson for an end of summer party complete with barbecue and outdoor movie. Summer has abruptly ended here and it was really cold outside, but we had a great time (thanks guys!).

Here's the big setup. It had the makings of a Clark Griswold moment all over it, but thankfully nobody fell off the ladder.

One drop cloth, a few staples, three bungee cords, a laptop and projector later, the outdoor theatre was complete. Have you seen Up? I can't rave enough about how great it is. What a fantastic kids' movie and one of the few movies that will hold my boys' attention.

That's Ava at the far right.

Once you are in your thirties, the crazy drinking ends (at least for most people) and you move onto more creative dares. Enter the McGangBang:

The McGangBang is a "creative manipulation of existing menu items, and an exercise in frugality". Basically you buy a double cheeseburger and a junior chicken off the value menu. You split the double cheeseburger down the middle and put the McChicken inside.

Now for years I've fantasized about the perfect combo - a Burger King whopper paired with a NY Fries poutine. Then chasing it with an order of onion rings from A&W. Ooooh. Or how about some dessert pizza from Pizza Hut to finish off...

What was I saying?

Oh right - the McGangBang. I stared that fat monster in the face and did my best to destroy it. I gave it my all, but 2/3 of that bad boy leveled me faster than any alcoholic beverage could. I was in bed 45 minutes after eating it.

I'm not sure I'd try it again, but I'd be open to other combinations. The McWhitey? Highly unlikely. You couldn't pay me enough to eat a Filet-O-Fish. I'm going to put my money on the Ghetto Big Mac. Using fries as a topping is sheer brilliance.


ChrissyW said…
you crack me up :P had to go click those McDs links lol hilarious!
Sujomi said…
LOLing at the burger links. The beginning of Up with the story of the old man and his wife always has me bawling like a baby.
Jennifer said…
Me too! The Carl & Ellie story gets me every time. :)

Thanks for the nice comments ladies!