day 250 - meet the teacher $

It was a big day today. Ava got to meet her teacher for the first time and got her first official tour of her classroom. She woke up in a great mood and asked me to paint her fingernails and toenails different colours for the occasion. She picked her outfit.

Technically it was her first day at school but she was only there for a half an hour so her first "official" day of school where she stays the whole day won't be until Thursday. And just because it wasn't her official first day of school it didn't mean there aren't pictures. Here she is as we left the house for the meeting:

When we got to her classroom, she was thrilled to see her name everywhere: on her coat hook, her indoor shoes/lunchbox cubbie, her extra clothes/blanket cubbie and most importantly her name on the table along with the names of two little kids she knows and two more we kind of know.

We got the tour around the room seeing the various areas while Ava did a craft decorating a cardboard Flat Stanley-like cutout to look like herself. We were happy because we were able to see the back of our house from the classroom window. We couldn't see smoke billowing from our house so Grandad was making out okay with the boys. ;)

So it was a great day. A very happy four year old embarked on a life changing adventure. Her parents learned to let go a bit. And two little two year olds pretended to watch Toopy & Binoo. Then one created a diversion while the other took off with a brand new tub of margarine from the fridge.