day 253 - thanks a lot city of guelph $

The city of Guelph drives me crazy. There are so many major routes and intersections under construction it's amazing. Tonight the drive home from work was frustrating to say the least. Shortly after passing through one of the construction zones, my car started making noises and the feel of the car was off. It sounded like a horse was galloping beside the car. I pulled over and got out, convinced I had a flat tire and saw nothing. No flat. I got back in and pulled away and people were actually staring at me the sound was so loud. Right around this time I realized my cell phone was dead.

Anyway, fifty cents later (Seriously Bell Canada? A payphone now costs fifty cents for a local call?! Jerks.) my fantastic mom was on her way to watch the kids and a tow truck was on its way to get me. The problem? A bolt and washer had lodged itself in my front driver side tire. The new tires that only have about 12,000 kms on them.

How something that tiny makes that much noise I have no idea.

Anyway, I have to say that Toyota roadside assistance is a great thing -- if the dealership is actually open when you get there. Luckily the very kind tow truck driver was still there when I discovered that it was closed and he hooked up my car a second time and drove me all the way home.

I ended up missing the fall fair parade and arriving just as it ended. Thankfully my kids didn't miss it thanks to my mom who fed them, dressed them up nice and warm and walked all of them downtown in time to watch it. Thank you Mom. xo

Thankfully I made it in time to see Ava's reaction on winning a second, third and an honourable mention for her fair entries. I also got to watch the kids go on the rides and they had a fantastic time.

That's Owen and Ava enjoying their rocket ship ride and this is me below enjoying my yearly ride on the Scrambler with John, wondering if this is the year we crash right through the side of the curling club. Thankfully this was not the year. ;)


Sujomi said…
Stupid bolt!

I love riding the carnival rides even though I never think they are safe. I am always amazed that we make them off alive and are not killed in a freakish accident. It gets the old adrenaline pumping!