day 254 - max & roofie $

Today's lesson? Don't be cheap. I didn't renew our anti-virus protection in May and our ancient desktop has been running without it. Not forking over the $50 to protect our computers cost us $136 this week when a trojan virus attacked the computer. Luckily it only attacked the system files and I didn't lose any pictures. Oh well. Lesson learned and just another reminder as to why I back up my pictures as regularly as I do. If I had lost my pictures I would only have lost a couple of days' worth and I still had those pictures on my memory card.

Anyway, I'll stop beating myself up over it and will get off my soapbox. As I type this five days later, the computer is back and after a day of messing around with it the wireless is also up and running again. And most importantly I have my ancient desktop with big clunky monitor back so I can edit my pictures again (I can't edit pictures on this laptop worth a damn).

The kids went to the fair twice today and they had a great time. In the afternoon we went to the midway with Auntie M and Uncle Craig and then we went back in the evening so the boys could see the tractor pull and so Ava could meet up with Lily and go on some rides before their first day in class together on Monday.

Poor Lily and her family had to wait for us because we were late...again. Why are we always late you ask? Because of stuff like this:

Owen dumped Moon Sand all over the carpet on the stairs. And in the hallway. And in the computer room. And over the railing into the entry. And then he threw it in the air into areas not easily reached by the vacuum.

Then he dunked his head in the dog's water bowl.

This post is dedicated to my other son (this was his reaction to Owen putting his head in the water bowl) who told me today that his favourite show is "Max & Roofie". I'm sure there's a show called Max & Roofie bud, but I am sure it doesn't air on Treehouse TV.