day 255 - haircuts...finally $

I don't know why I let so much time lapse between haircuts for the boys. Maybe it's because they have such adorable curls in their hair. Maybe I'm afraid they'll make a sudden movement in my lap and I'll get stabbed. Or maybe it's because they look so grown up when they are over (both of these are Ethan).

Whatever the case, we left the house with three little girls this morning and came back with one girl and two boys. This picture is a prime example of why I try not to ask them to say "cheese" anymore.

Today was also the wrap up of the fall fair. Ava went to collect her winnings and got to go on the rides and buy a gigantic lolly pop that will take three years to eat.

And lucky us - just as we were leaving we got to see them cleaning out one of the cars on the Octopus following "an incident".

As much as I have always dreamed of having a job without stress, there is one job I never want to have in this world and it's this guy's.