day 257 - and it begins $

Wow. Yesterday Ava came home with a box of chocolates to sell that was bigger than she is and magazine order forms. Today is day two and it's picture day already. Pictures that will live on forever. Pictures to be shown in slideshows at Ava's wedding. Pictures that she is going to look at in horror and critique for the rest of her life. All I have to say is thank god BiWay is long gone because my poor mother never hears the end of that with my sister and I.

One little girl was loaded into the car with the cutest pair of legwarmers I've ever seen. She was quite impressed the second she discovered they were long enough to pull up to her waist to keep her warm at recess.

As much as it pains me to spend money on pictures when I take more than we will ever need, it's all a part of the school experience and I'm kind of excited to see them.


Shannon said…
I'm glad to hear Ava is loving school. I bet she is really enjoying the time away from her brothers with friends her own age.

I have to say that each and every year we order pictures with the best of intentions and yet I have NEVER given them out to anyone. I just can't. I think I did give away a few magnets from Emma's kindergarten photos but the grade 1 and 2 ones have never left the packaging. I think this year I will buy the cheapest packages I can for the girls. It's hard when you can't help but judge the quality and lack of creativity.