day 258 - the days of sponge bob $

The days of Sponge Bob are here. As much as I am not a Sponge Bob fan, I am a fan of shows where the characters speak an actual language because in my world, gibberish doesn't count. The sooner we get out of the In the Night Garden stage I will be a very happy camper.

Here's Owen. He's been really crabby the past few days. Lots of crying and very miserable. Today "The Sponge Man" made him happy. God bless you Apple app store and your free games.

The best part of the game for him? Poking Sponge Bob in the eye repeatedly. Visitors to our house: consider yourself warned. It's all fun and games until he turns around and does it to you.

Another part of the bedtime routine? Watching a little bit of Poker Face. It's a song that all three kids agree on and when they all agree it makes me happy.