day 259 - meet the teacher night $

Tonight was "Meet the Teacher Night". It's a risky thing going anywhere with crowds with three kids by yourself (Jason's on afternoon shift). I decided to go for it and it was a disaster. Meet the Teacher Night turned into "Glimpse the Teacher as You Chase Your Children Back and Forth Across the Kindergarten Room Repeatedly" Night. Not fun.

I thought I could set us up for success by touring the town first and hitting some Poker Face twice on the iPod to set the mood. It didn't work because 45 minutes later I was carrying/pulling three screaming and crying children back to the van. One wanted to stay and play on the bouncy obstacle course in the gym (Ava), one wanted to peel names off the desks and get repeated drinks from the water fountain (Ethan) and the third wanted to pull out every ball and outside toy he could find and when people talked to him and told him how cute he was he snapped back at them like a crotchety old man (Owen). One things for sure - that school is not ready for my boys.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to the kind motorist in the silver Sunfire who tailgated me down the street to the school and then gave me the finger as I pulled up in front of the Catholic school and he whizzed by me. Peace be with you too, Jerk Face.

Anyway. Enough about that. I'd love to show you pictures of my grade 8 graduation picture that was hanging up in the hall. Maybe a picture of Ava with her teacher? Yeah that would have been nice. Unfortunately no pictures. I had my camera but no memory card in it.

When I got home I went to put my card in and take a picture of the kids and my memory card was missing from the card reader on the desk. I found Ethan hiding in our bedroom earlier in the day at naptime so he was the first person I asked. He took my hand and showed me exactly where he hid it. It's a good thing he did because inside the DVD burner on the computer that just got fixed wouldn't have made my list of possible places. Can you see it?

I'll give him credit - at least he tells me where he hides things. When he stops telling me I'll be in big trouble.


Anonymous said…
That is so funny Jen. A dvd drive is the last place anyone would look. Well at least in was not flushed down the pipe.