day 260 - day five $

Today marked the end of Ava's first week of school. It wasn't the typical junior kindergarten week as she is going to school all day, every day. It was a very long week and although there were a few tantrums after dinner a few nights, it went very well. She adjusted well and she went to school and came home from school with a smile on her face each day. Friday looked like it might be a challenge as she didn't want to get up but mentioning that she'd see her best friend got her out of bed in a flash.

Every day I look forward to seeing what comes home from school in her mailbag. There have been letters, beautiful pieces of artwork and one day the school sent home a book for her to keep with a nice inscription from her teacher inside. Today Ava brought home a new piece of artwork and it was beautiful:

Ava: "Mommy! I made this for you!"
Me: "A pope hat! That's awesome."
Ava: "Actually, it's a bracelet."

Oops. Note to self: just because she goes to Catholic school not everything she does has to be religious, jackass.


Sujomi said…
It *could be* a pope hat too.

I've done that with my kids so many times that now if I am the slightest bit unsure, I always say, "Now tell me about your project..." Yeah, I take the wimpy way out.