day 264 - costume shopping $

Halloween preparations have begun in our house. Costumes have been purchased and when the moment of panic set in because I couldn't find the costume Ava desperately wanted, my best friend came to the rescue. God bless you Jenn and your mad shopping skills. Thanks for elbowing your way through the Conestoga Mall to find her costume (which is not the one pictured). xo

And here's your gardening stumper of the day. How on earth does a petunia grow out of a crack in a paved loading dock? Your guess is as good as mine.


Kathy said…
The most likely source of the petunia in a strange area is this: A bird somewhere ingested a petunia seed while pecking around looking for food. Everything that goes in must come out, right? While flying over that spot, the bird went poo, and in due time up pops the petunia. The other most logical explanation is the wind disperses many seeds.