day 265 - the super harvest moon that wasn't $

There are only two things that could make me leave my house with the kids after dinner when bedtime is so close I can taste it: A. our house is on fire or B. super harvest moon. ;)

Shortly before dinner Photojojo put out the word that there was going to be a "super harvest moon" that was supposed to be amazing and impressive. As the sun went down the moon would be rising and they would meet to create a beautiful 360 degree twilight. There would also be an optical illusion that would take place and the moon would look massive. I should have pulled out the bullshit card and slammed it down on the table right then and there.

Anyway...enough jumping ahead in my story. I figured the best way to see this gigantic moon and get an awesome shot of it was to get out in the open. What better spot than a hayfield? I jotted down my little notes on what settings to use and Ava and I packed up the tripod and a blanket and headed out. We hiked out into the field to see this:

The same damn moon I've seen a million times before.

I'll give them one thing. The 360 twilight was pretty nice. Here's Ava while it was going on. She had the sun setting behind her and the moon was in front of her. Under normal circumstances her face would be dark from the shadow cast by her body. Not today. Today she was facing the moon and it was bright.

But as far as the whole optical illusion thing goes? I give it an F because it was non-existent. The moon was the same size it usually is.

We took a few shots while we were out there and I really enjoyed spending the time with Ava and seeing her run around with your camera but the moon was really disappointing.

Here's one of Ava's shots. Look at Miss Sunflare. Now she's just showing off.

A conversation walking back:

Me: Ava you took some amazing pictures. Way better than my pictures.
Ava: Yeah, your pictures are terrible.