day 278 - the beautiful rainbow $

The sunsets the past two evenings have been absolutely incredible. Last night the sunset was beautiful. There was a layer of cloud cover hovering over everything and the sky didn't look particularly interesting until the sun set to just below the cloud cover. Then the sky lit up in beautiful shades of pink and orange and there was a beautiful rainbow which we saw in its entirety from our deck.

Tonight was exactly the same. It's funny. I was driving down the road on my way home from work. It looked like rain and it wasn't particularly picturesque. As I sped down the highway away from storm clouds that were threatening rain, I saw a couple standing on the side of the road posing for a picture for what looked to be a professional photographer. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what they were doing. Then as I continued north on the highway, I saw the most beautiful sight off to the east in my rear view mirror:

I'm no expert, but I know two things. 1. Rainbows to me symbolize hope and new beginnings and 2. Whoever those people were, their engagement pictures going to be super, SUPER cheesy. ;)


Hasson said…
I also see a beautiful sight in your rear view mirror: the golden arches. McGB?
carrot soup said…
This actually looks like a painting of the sky that night. Surreal. Your photos are spectacular. KS
Jennifer said…
Oh dear god Hasson. Just the mention of a McGB has given me the McGurgles. LOL

Thanks so much KS! I really appreciate it!