day 279 - the library $

I was fully conscious when all three of my children came into the world. I was very much with it and I held each of them right after they were born. With that being said, I can't help but wonder if Owen was switched at birth. ;)

Today we went to the library to get some books. Here he is playing on the computer and the picture on the right is the book he grabbed off the shelf and ran through the library with.

Now I like a lot of music. Classic rock, R&B, dance, pop, some country, But anybody who knows me knows I am not a fan of Gordon Lightfoot. And anybody who knows that knows that when I hear his music I like to play it up. "Can't breathe...throat constricting...shut it off...please god just shut it off." Yeah, a bit over the top, but that's how I roll. It gets a reaction.

The flip side of that is they play his music at work just to torture me. The joke has been going on for years so imagine my surprise last fall when I was sitting at a Keith Urban concert and he busts into Sundown. I wish I could have seen the look on my face.

So imagine my shock and surprise when Owen zips past me with a Gordon Lightfoot book. No, we did not check it out.

Other than that, not much happened today. I forgot to mention my latest baking adventure: Reese's peanut butter bars. Incredibly easy and definitely worth making again.


Erine said…
So, I made those peanut butter things.... awesome! A big hit with everyone! Love looking at your blog!!
Jennifer said…
Thanks Erine! Glad you liked them. :)