day 283 - thanksgiving dinner no. 2 $

You know that whole "when your kids are quiet they must be up to no good" saying? TOTALLY ACCURATE.

When I rolled over this morning, Owen was standing beside me covered in green marker. Luckily it washed off without a trace. I found this out as green milk dribbled down his face and back into his bowl of Cap'n Crunch. God bless you Crayola. I've given you hell in the past for other things that have not been washable and made a hell of a mess, but you did good this time.

From there we were off to thanksgiving number two and to see the entire McDougall clan. As if getting a nice picture of three kids was hard enough,

let's try eight great grandchildren under the age of seven. Thank god the third boy is only a few months old because the photographer's boys were a big enough challenge on their own. By this time the boys had been chased down and put back on the step at least five times. As you can see from the look on Owen's face I was expected to get the show on the road pronto.

After that it was off to celebrate Jenn's birthday. Her birthday was a month ago but considering we don't get around to exchanging Christmas presents until February sometimes, we were pretty much on schedule.

It was just Jenn, me and "the Hoff".

I was going to marry "the Hoff" when I was five years old at the height of the Knight Rider craze. All bets were off the second I:

A. Heard him sing.
B. Saw him mutilate that whopper.

On a related note, have you seen the David Hasselhoff roast on Comedy Central? I highly recommend watching Lisa Lampanelli's portion of the roast. Please don't watch if you are: sensitive to the f-word and other colourful language, a holocaust survivor, Hulk Hogan's ex-wife or most importantly my mother. I would post a link but she'd probably disown me.


Hasson said…
don't Hassel the Hoff!