day 286 - not bad for a year $

I've been commuting to work for 11 years and I've seen a lot of stuff. I have seen many a car in the ditch, I've had people give me the finger (totally undeserved not to mention rude I must say) and I have muttered many a swear word. One night I even came across a coworker's truck in the ditch after getting hit by a drunk driver (thankfully he was fine).

This morning I was zipping down the road, happily driving behind a full size Dodge truck who was setting a great pace. We slowed down as we caught up to a slower car. Once we went to two lanes, the slower car pulled to the right and let us pass. The truck (which I couldn't see around to this point) and I sped up and zipped past. Then I noticed the license plate of the car in the other lane looked familiar. It was my mom.


Anyway, tonight there was a social event after work so I got home late. Here's the odometer reading after I pulled into the driveway. Not bad for just over a year.


Hasson said…
I find it hard to believe you have "muttered many a swear word" Jenn... usually its inspirational quotes and verses from the bible with you!

So when you realized you had just roared past your mom and given her the finger while shouting obscenities out the window, did you ignore her and try to look very studious and focussed on the road, hoping she wouldn't notice you?

That's one of my favourite moves... feel free to use it sometime
Sujomi said…
I always want to stop when I hit numbers like that on my odometer. Usually I can't because I'm on the highway. I would be pleased as punch if I hit X0,000 after pulling into my driveway. I'm weird like that.
Jennifer said…
I actually drove beside her, beeped, waved and sped off. I was quite polite about the whole thing. She was actually going at a good speed and took the whole thing quite well.

Sujomi - it was the oddest thing. It rolled over 20,000 just as I turned up our street. What are the odds of that happening? 20,000 to 1 I guess. LOL