day 288 - daddy's birthday $

The sunsets continue to be spectacular lately. There's been lots of clouds and lots of beautiful light as the sun goes down. I love taking pictures of sunsets but the moments are so fleeting. Tonight on the way home, the sun was hitting the bottom of the clouds. It was spectacular. Two minutes down the road I stopped to take this picture. The pictures I took after this had very different light and the sun was no longer bouncing off the bottom of the clouds.

This picture was not manipulated. It's straight out of the camera and I shot it through my tinted sunglasses.

The other big thing today was that it was Daddy's birthday. It gets dark so much earlier so this was the best I could get today. Here's Owen and his daddy watching the hockey game. The Leafs won if you can believe it. I think there is even a streak going on. Whether it's still going on a week later as I type this I have absolutely no idea. You're asking the wrong person.

Happy birthday Daddy!